Is Pinterest Ruining Weddings?

The title alone may have brides scoffing but hear me out, I’m not saying Pinterest is bad…I just think it’s ruining your wedding. Keep reading and I promise you’ll understand (maybe you’ll even agree with me) by the end of this post.

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is awesome. I’ll go on a pinning binge one day then not pin for weeks but when I do use it, I am always floored by just how much creativity and inspiration is on the site. I’m a huge fan of DIY stuff (any interest in this? I’d love to do future DIY posts if people want it). Part of me wishes that I used Pinterest when helping my sister plan her wedding but another part of me is glad that it was mostly original thought. You could say I’m old fashioned, I like sketching designs (even though I’m a horrible artist) and seeing how things look by actually testing them out at home. Now I don’t dislike Pinterest because it stops people from coming up with their own original ideas, I dislike it because I’ve seen your wedding before I even set foot into the hall! I’m not longing for the element of surprise but I also know that every bride puts an insane amount of effort into pulling off her wedding weekend so she owes it to herself to wow everyone with what it looks like.

There’s a quick fix to this problem…it’s called Secret Boards!! You can make up to 6 boards so keep pinning to your heart’s content, it’s the best way to keep all of your ideas in the same place after all! It’s really all about how you put the ideas you see together–that’s how you stay unique and original. Now brides, go do yourselves a favor and edit the privacy of your wedding board to “secret” so that Pinterest can stop stealing your thunder!!

Here’s a little sneak peek for the next post 🙂

Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

Courtesy of Jimmy Choo


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